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Welcome to another exciting Summer of Fun and Learning at Valedra! We are thrilled to announce that our Summer Camp 2024 is back as an online experience, providing students with a unique opportunity to develop lifelong skills and explore their artistic talents. Our summer program offers a wide range of engaging activities, enabling students to unleash their creativity and build meaningful connections with their peers from around the world, all from the comfort of their own homes. So, join us for a summer filled with Fun, Learning, and friendship!

Learning Outcomes

  • Creativity

    The camp will assist your children in bringing out the creative part of their personalities.

  • Problem Solving Skills

    A fundamental quality of assessment is problem solving ability, and our camp is designed in such a manner that your child will learn and solve challenges.

  • Cognitive Development

    Our curriculum is designed to aid your child's cognitive development, including information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill development, and language learning.

  • Focus and Concentration

    We believe in engaging and entertaining our students so that they do not become bored and lose focus.


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Why our Summer Camp

Our most constructive Summer Camp program, which includes a broad assortment of activities to keep all our budding campers engaged, is designed and framed by experts. With structured and comprehensive pedagogy, the activities are carefully chosen to present a holistic development to the child.

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